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IT Support 

KM Tech offers the fastest and most efficient IT support services anywhere in Jamaica.

Network Infrastructure.png

Network Infrastructure 

We can help you with the ever growing demand  for network technology & Security:

  • Router Configuration & Maintenance

  • Multi-factor Authentication Implementations

  • Advanced Network Switching & Routing

  • Server Virtualization & Consolidation

Database Management.png

Database Management

We offer solutions for database administration, performance management, tuning and optimization.

Computer and Mobile.png

Computer & Mobile Servicing

Broken PC/phone? No Worries. We will repair your malfunctioning device before you can say KM Tech!

Software & Hardware.png

Software & Hardware Support

We can install any new software/hardware for your PC in no time so you can stay ahead of your game.
unlocking services also available!

Virus Protection.png

Troubleshooting & Virus Removal

We offer a thorough troubleshooting service with a 100% success rate in removing all virus types, restoring your device to its former glory!

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